One day, there will be a Menudo of metal. By which I mean a band (“band”) in which the brand is truly more important than any one individual member. Somehow, Babymetal didn’t end up being it (at least not yet) — when one of their ranks departed, they didn’t replace her. My guess is that the band in question will be one that wears masks. Kiss already came closer than any other band, dolling up Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer to look like Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. It would be even easier with a Slipknot or a Mushroomhead or a Ghost, because you wouldn’t even necessarily have to tell the audience they were seeing someone different. Actually, it might truly be easiest to pull this off with Ghost, whose members aren’t just hidden beneath masks, but are literally “Nameless Ghouls” without identities and a “variety” of “different” singers.